Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Senate Estimates should be well worth looking at and nothing should overshadow the scandals that have ridden this Government.

The scandal of the payment of more than $30 million for a block of land that was worth $3 million to a Liberal Party donor that then had it leased back for $1 million.

The involvement of Angus Taylor in meetings along with associated with the Daryl Maguire New South Wales ICAC scandal that we heard about last week. The multiple issues regarding sports rorts, regarding the abuse of funds.

The issues of programs that have been announced that simply haven’t delivered what they said they would. Why is it that the emergency response fund of $4 billion is yet to have a single dollar go out the door?

Why is it that the employment program for over 50s established by the Government has 40% of it, 40% of participants, back on the unemployment queue within six months? Why is it that the women’s programs that the government has pointed to, that it’s announced and reannounced and reannounced and reannounced, still haven’t had a dollar spent, but have announced a second round.

These are all questions that require examination. Senate estimates is an important part of that process.

And when it comes to jobs as well, today in infrastructure, why is it that the Inland Rail project has no Australian content guarantee on any of the rail carriages that will go on that line?

Why is it that we’re not manufacturing trains here in Australia, instead, buying them from overseas when they’re too high for tunnels, they don’t fit the tracks and they have to be retro fitted once they’re here? Senate Estimates will be very important over the next fortnight in terms of holding the Government to account.

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