Saturday, October 24, 2020

Chief says Ottawa police will continue to review practice of ‘dynamic entries’ in tactical raids


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Aust was asleep in his bedroom on a bunk bed at the time, according to this brother. He then jumped from the 12th-floor bedroom window with nothing to catch him. His family believes it was the stress of that kind of police entry that led him to jump.

The entry, which sees police break down a door sometimes using a battering ram and use flash grenades as distraction devices, remains a legal technique for officers to use in Ontario.

In February, an Ottawa judge chastised what she said was the service’s overuse of the entry, which amounted to a “casual disregard” of people’s constitutional rights. That ruling, however, didn’t prohibit police from continuing to use the entry.

Following that ruling and this newspaper’s reporting on the ruling, the police board asked the service how common of a practice the entry was, what the decision-making process is to determine whether one is required and if the service would continue using the entry given the judge’s comments.

Sloly said the service began a review then and will continue to do so either on an annual or “incident-by-incident basis.”

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