Thursday, January 28, 2021



Lion cub named Simba is born at Singapore Zoo through artificial-insemination that killed his dad 

The Singapore Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a newborn lion cub via artificial insemination.It's a first for the park — and a rarity in general, though two cubs were born in South Africa through assisted reproduction in 2018.The three-month-old cub, a male named Simba after the protagonist in Disney's the Lion King, was conceived with semen extracted from an African lion using electric pulses.Simba's father was named Mufasa, also from The Lion King, but did not survive the extraction process.Scroll down for video Simba, an African lion cub  conceived...

Building a high-quality Human Cell Atlas

Building the HCA will require extensive lab protocols, SOPs, benchmarks and quality-control metrics. Each technology and tissue requires careful benchmarking of protocols or validation of datasets. Benchmarking can be conducted (1) across many sites using the same technology; (2) across many sites using complementary technologies9 and (3) at the same site using complementary technologies10 (Fig. 2). For example, in the case of RNA applications, we should compare profiles between single-cell, single-nucleus, bulk and spatial transcriptomics methods to comprehensively identify the different cell types in tissues. Considering the diversity of tissues...
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