Saturday, April 10, 2021



Starwatch: Mars closes in on Pleiades star cluster | Science

Star chart Mars, the new home of Nasa’s Perseverance rover, closes in on the Pleiades star cluster this week to give sky-watchers a beautiful view of contrasting celestial colours. The red planet will appear close to the blue-white stars of the cluster all week, but the closest approach happens on 3 March, when they will be 2.6 degrees apart (a little more than five times the diameter of the full moon). It is the closest these two celestial bodies have appeared since January 1991, when they were just over three...

Libertarians Were Wrong to Cheer Sweden’s Laissez-Faire COVID-19 Response

This is a guest post. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not represent positions of IEEE Spectrum or the IEEE. The COVID-19 pandemic, now in its second year, has prompted a great deal of debate and reflection on the tension between personal civil liberties and the collective good. A surprising amount of this soul searching has offered up Sweden as either a shining example or a cautionary tale, depending on the viewpoint of the onlooker.  In Europe, America, and elsewhere, politicians ostensibly arguing for individual liberty...
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