Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Can you change the color of the dots with your mind?

Can you change the color of the dots with your mind?

This illusion won second place in the 2019 Best Illusion of the Year contest and it has sufficiently made me question reality:

In this illusion, either downward or rightward motion perception for the dots is possible. Depending on the perceived motion direction, color changes: red and green dots with downward motion, and yellow dots with rightward motion. This suggests that our perception of color is not simply the result of limitations in temporal resolution of the visual system.

I’ve never been more deceived by my brain. It’s like the dress all over again, only the color is flipping in real-time. Is color even a thing?! If this illusion has taught me anything, it’s that traffic lights aren’t real and I’ll be driving as such.

Keep going for the full illusion. The actual video is frustrating because it keeps being interrupted by text, so I also included a repeating loop that actually has a visual aid to help facilitate the switch.

And a repeating loop of the actual illusion without the text interruptions:

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