Monday, September 21, 2020

Bride and Groom Caught in Beirut Blast During Photo Shoot

Bride and Groom Caught in Beirut Blast During Photo Shoot

A bride and groom were posing for a photo shoot in central Beirut on August 4 when an explosion at the port, just under a mile away, sent a shockwave across the city, shattering windows, damaging buildings, and killing dozens. Two days later, wedding photographer Ibrahim Kitmitto of Bob Photography shared footage showing the moment the blast interrupted the shoot. The footage shows the couple posing outside Brassica, a restaurant in the Saifi neighborhood of Beirut. The bride is visibly startled by the first sounds of the blast. Seconds later, the windows of the restaurant behind them are shattered by the explosion and the bride’s dress is blown up in the air. The photographer continues recording as they flee for shelter. The video then cuts as the photographer returns to the spot outside the restaurant, finding dust, debris, and damaged buildings. The footage comes two days after another video showing a Beirut bride posing for a photo shoot as the blast went off was published by media internationally. Kitmitto told Storyful the couple in the video were married earlier that day, and said they were safe following the explosion. Credit: Bob Photography – Ibrahim Kitmitto via Storyful

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