Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bolshevik ‘Iron Felix’ statue could rise again in Moscow

Bolshevik ‘Iron Felix’ statue could rise again in Moscow

Moscow: Moscow will this week vote on whether to reinstate a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet security services, on the spot from which it was torn down during the collapse of the USSR.

The monument to Dzerzhinsky, an architect of the Bolsheviks’ murderous Red Terror, dominated the square outside the headquarters of the Soviet KGB, now the FSB, in central Moscow until 1991. Crowds cheered as it was removed by cranes following a failed coup.

Since then, the statue has been on display at an outdoor “museum” of Soviet monuments, including busts of Lenin, Stalin and Brezhnev, in a park in the Russian capital.

An elderly man looks at a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky in Minsk, Belarus. Opposition supporters had pasted signs on it earlier.Credit:AP

But Moscow authorities announced they would reconsider the fate of the “Iron Felix” monument with an online vote. Residents will be asked to choose between resurrecting the Dzerzhinsky statue or putting up a sculpture in honour of the 13th-century prince Alexander Nevsky.

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