Thursday, January 28, 2021

Best Samsung TV: our top QLED picks for 2020

Best Samsung TV: our top QLED picks for 2020

Which one is the best Samsung TV? Samsung is the biggest TV manufacturer. This means there’s a lot of choice, and 2020 has been no different for new models and new tech. There’s now a new OTS audio system enhancing sound in its fancier sets, a rotating Sero TV for watching smartphone videos, an expanded 8K TV range, and new 32-inch / 75-inch sizes for its stylish The Frame TV too.

Does this sound like a lot of choice? That’s because there is. The scale and variety of what Samsung offers can mean that picking the very best Samsung TV for you is tricky. That’s why we’ve brought together this guide to our top picks, depending on what your budget is, what will fit into your home and your desired specifications.

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