Monday, October 19, 2020

Ben Shouts Out Albury Bao Buns on Junior MasterChef

Ben Shouts Out Albury Bao Buns on Junior MasterChef

The regional NSW city of Albury was the unexpected star of Junior MasterChef last night after fan favourite Ben gushed about discovering Chinese street food bao buns there.

While there were photos of other contestants, like Salvo, who was born in Italy, living internationally and being inspired, Ben offered the same amount of enthusiasm for our very own Albury.

With 60 minutes to make a dish that could be eaten with hands, chopsticks or a spoon in round two of Wednesday’s Elimination, Ben decided to make his bao buns, explaining to Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo how he first heard about them. “It was last year, we went to Albury and we went out for dinner and had bao buns and they were just so good!” Since then, Ben said he’s mastered the dish. “If anything’s gonna save me, it’s definitely these bao buns.”

Asked at tasting if his bao buns measure up to the ones at the Albury restaurant, he said his were “ten times better” and the judges definitely appreciated his confidence and his big smile (not to mention the bao buns themselves)! Learn to make Ben’s Bao Buns here.

Earlier in the episode, Ben also proved himself as a relatable and adorable king talking about what his strategy would have been with the Immunity Gong. Laura and Dev won the opportunity to bang it in the season premiere, and faced with possible elimination, Laura chose to use it ahead of the round two cook.

But Ben was baffled by her move: “If I had the gong, I’d go and raid the MasterChef pantry and eat all of the chocolate, and then I’d go and hit the gong and go to safety.” Ben, that’s genius level thinking.

We’re so glad we get at least another week with Ben.

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