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Bell: Kenney still not playing hardball with Trudeau

Bell: Kenney still not playing hardball with Trudeau

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“They are the ones who will be talking to Joe Biden. We need their support to persuade him to keep Keystone XL alive and those other pipelines lefties are trying to shut down in the United States.”

Kenney insists he has succeeded “on a bunch of technical things that are boring for a lot of people but that matter in terms of thousands of jobs.”

“We got the feds to let us bring in Alberta regulations to protect the northern caribou as opposed to federal regulations.”

The premier points out your scribbler did not pen a column on the caribou win.

Your scribbler points to too few wins and too many high-profile losses.

Kenney is not happy about that.

“I feel incredibly frustrated and sometimes angry that the national government again and again seems to be targeting the biggest job-creating engine and province in the country.

“I was elected because of that frustration.”


Kenney says he has actively campaigned to defeat Trudeau but he is “not going to allow anger and frustration to drive every decision.”

He says jobs and the economy and not anger and frustration will drive his decisions.

“If that means on some issues we’ve got to find a way to work with them then we will do so. It’s not my emotions or the anger and frustrations of Albertans that matters most.”

The premier says it is the unemployed people.

Let’s stop right there. Will Alberta ever get a fair deal?

“I don’t think we’ll ever get everything we want from Ottawa. But we’re not greedy. We just want Ottawa to take its foot off the throat of Alberta’s economy.”

Easier said than done.

Kenney recounts his days in the inner circle of the government of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

Kenney says a lot them “grumbled about equalization and things like that.”

“But, you know what, no one was talking about separation. We thought at least we were respected. I think that’s what we’re looking for.”

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