Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bell: Kenney resists COVID-19 lock ‘er down voices

Bell: Kenney resists COVID-19 lock 'er down voices

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There’s a full-blown crisis, they say. Lower the hammer, they say. He who hesitates is lost.

But Kenney does not budge and it is he and his government’s decision to make. They won what in the democratic world is known as an election.

They must weigh the pros and the cons.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s top public health doc, would be the first person to say it is not her decision. In fact, she does say that on Monday.

Others have suggested the prime minister should step in and force Alberta to dance to the lockdown tune.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau running the show? Let’s not even go there.

You want fireworks, you’d see fireworks the Calgary Stampede couldn’t match.

Kenney is said to see a lockdown as the end of the line, the last resort, the lever marked When All Else Fails.

He will not move in that direction now, though don’t be surprised if he actually bans the parties the virus loves to hang out at if the COVID-19 numbers keep climbing.

Over the weekend, the premier once again confirms if the numbers don’t get better he will look at more restrictions.

And here’s a Kenney nugget.

“We’re not going to turn Alberta into a police state.”

The chorus of those who want a heavier hand will not stop. They have only just begun.

Hinshaw asks Albertans to follow public health measures.

She says the health system has the capacity to handle more COVID-19 cases but they would stop offering other services.

Hinshaw issues a clear warning.

“If the current measures are not sufficient then additional ones will have to be considered,” says the doc.

But at least on this day, something else is clear, for what it’s worth.

Right here and right now, most Albertans do not want a lockdown.

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