Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Bell: Calgary cop union slams council’s defund-the-police scheme

Bell: Calgary cop union slams council's defund-the-police scheme

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“It’s not going to make Calgarians safer. There’s real-life consequences to these decisions. There are citizens going to be negatively impacted because of it.”

Orr adds a lot of this defund-the-police push is “based on the perception police misconduct and police brutality is rampant. The numbers just don’t bear that out.”

In Calgary, he says, force beyond handcuffs is used far less than 1% of the time.

Of course, the police association point man also says any police brutality is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

The defund-the-police debate is next week. Some councillors must be feeling the heat.

Alberta’s top lawman Kaycee Madu has no time for politicians into defunding the police, no matter what they call it.

“The goal is the same, pandering to the far-left ideology being pushed by radical activists.”

Madu says it’s a legit debate on whether more money should go to dealing with mental health and addictions. But not by defunding the police.

In fact, the Alberta government has spent many millions on these very issues.

Some councillors don’t like Madu bringing them back down to Earth.

George Chahal says Madu is “paralyzed by fear and ideology.”

Madu counters the jab.

“A vote to defund the police is a vote to make your city less safe, councillor.”

When all else fails, the defund-the-police crowd’s last card is a $13-million shortfall in last year’s city budget, most of it because the province kept more money from fines.

The province did not cut police grants. The city could have made up their shortfall any way they wanted.

Besides, the discussion is a distraction. What does it have to do with showing us defunding the police is the right way to go?

Orr has the final word.

“Councillors ultimately answer to the citizens of Calgary. All of the numbers have shown citizens of Calgary are absolutely opposed to defunding the police.

“They need to represent the wishes of the people who elected them.”

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