Sunday, April 11, 2021

Back up your irreplaceable data before it’s too late

Back up your irreplaceable data before it’s too late

We all have data we’d hate to lose forever, and for me it was my iTunes library. I’d been building it with demos, live recordings and rarities since Winamp. It had unreleased albums from bands you might have heard of, the only recordings of my (admittedly mediocre) teenage bands, and a samples library to be proud of. With videos and music, it totalled around 6TB. This is the story of how I lost all of it, and tried to get some of it back.

For the longest time I kept it on an 8TB drive, with a backup on a second 8TB drive. But, when my father’s drive died during lockdown, I felt confident enough to wipe my backup and give it to him. I planned to buy a replacement, but they’re expensive, so I put it off.

Mechanical hard disk drives can be fragile, and take beloved memories with them when they go.

My primary iTunes drive was old, Thunderbolt 2 old, and it always made slight crackly noises. Worse still it was technically two drives in a RAID0 trench coat, which you should never use for anything important. Those noises got louder after I moved a couple of years ago, and I assumed that was because of the acoustics in my new home office. Unfortunately I now know it was the equivalent of a character in a period drama getting a cough; death would soon follow.

CleverFiles Data Recovery CEO Sergei Sergienko said weird sounds were the first thing to look for.

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