Thursday, September 24, 2020

Breonna Taylor: family attorney says wanton endangerment charge ‘doesn’t make sense’ – live updates | US news

The powerful thing about Breonna, in her life and her death, is that she is telling the story of structural inequity, the story of generational poverty, of criminalization. The arc of her life shows her overcoming adversity as a young Black lady trying to advance her career in the face of folks who don’t want to give her a chance because of where she’s from, her name’s pronunciation, whom she’s related to. It showed the dynamic of lack of investment in communities, and the criminalization of communities that ultimately led...

Users report issues as Covid-19 app launches in England and Wales | Coronavirus outbreak

The launch of the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales has exposed problems with the programme, some of which were known about in advance, and some of which will come as a surprise to both the government and users.Although there were hundreds of thousands of downloads of the app in the first few hours on iPhones from the App Store and Android from the Google Play Store, simply accessing it caused a problem for many.Some Android users reported accidentally downloading the trial version that had been made available in...
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