Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Australian Price, Release Date, Pre-Order Confirmed [Updated]


Mere months out from release, Sony has finally confirmed pricing and availability for the PlayStation 5.

Update 7:21 a.m. AEST 17/9: The PlayStationAU Twitter account has now confirmed Australian pricing for the console.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will launch at $599.95 in Australia while the flagship PlayStation 5 model will launch at $749.95.

This puts it squarely in line with the Xbox Series X.

PRE-ORDERS FOR THE CONSOLE ARE NOW LIVE: You can already pre-order the PlayStation 5 at EB Games and JB Hi-Fi but you’ll need to get in quick.

If you want to pre-order from Amazon you can do so here. Prime members save $30, it’s free delivery and you won’t be charged until it ships.

You can also pre-order the console directly from Sony with free shipping.

Big W is now also offering a reservation/pre-order here. It requires a $50 deposit.

Update 9:50 a.m. AEST 17/9: EB Games has now pre-sold out of the PlayStation 5 consoles for 2020. You can pre-order the 2021 shipment here.

Update 11:06 a.m. AEST 17/9: JB Hi-Fi has now suspended pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 due to overwhelming demand.

Update 1:04 p.m. AEST 17/9: Amazon appears to have pre-sold out now, too.

Update 18/9: It appears all major retailers are now sold out of the 2020 allocation for the PlayStation 5.

Original Story: The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will launch at $US399.99 ($547) while the flagship PlayStation 5 model will launch at $US499.99 ($684).

The console will launch on November 12 in Australia and other select regions around the world. It will launch on November 19 in other parts of the world.

Given current conversion rates and the usual inflation rates around consoles, we can only guess what this price will equate to in Australia.

Around $550 – $650 for the digital edition of the console is a solid guess, while the flagship console is likely to debut closer to the $700-$750 range.

In comparison, the all-digital Xbox Series S will cost $499 in Australia, while the Xbox Series X will cost $749.

With how competitive PlayStation will want to be, we can probably expect a $749 price point in line with the flagship Xbox Series X price. Stay tuned for exact confirmation of an Australian price, though.

The November 12 release date comes only two days after the Xbox Series S/X consoles will launch, so it looks set to be a massive week for gaming.

While launch titles are still up in the air, the recent showcase did confirm day one launches for Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and Fortnite. We can also expect the games from the PlayStation Plus Collection to land at this time, although details on the new service are currently scarce.

Will you be picking up the PlayStation 5 when it lands? Will you be picking up the Xbox Series X? Maybe you’ll be picking up both. It’ll be a massive investment, but with so many fantastic games coming, it might just be worth it.

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