Sunday, February 28, 2021

Australia politics live: ‘Facebook was wrong’ to block pages in news ban, Josh Frydenberg says | Australia news


And we want to thank Google for the very constructive discussions that they have been having with stakeholders, and we recognise the announcement earlier today between Google and News Limited about their successful negotiations.

It follows on from the announcement by Channel Seven and Google, and the reports of the successful negotiations between Channel Nine and Google.

This digital code, this new media bargaining code, is very important microeconomic reform.

It’s one that was initiated by the prime minister when he was then treasurer, and Paul [Fletcher] and I have been working closely on for some time, and I also want to note the hard work of Rod Sims and the ACCC in getting to the point now where we have these successful negotiations between Google and Australian news media businesses paying for content, but obviously we have the developments today with Facebook.

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