Monday, April 12, 2021

Atlassian software hit by Hezbollah-backed hackers Volatile Cedar

Atlassian software hit by Hezbollah-backed hackers Volatile Cedar

Australian technology giant Atlassian’s software has been targeted by a Hezbollah-backed cyber criminal group, according to security researchers, in a broad attack focused on foreign telecommunications companies.

The hackers targeted exposed servers — running software by Atlassian and also US multinational Oracle — in multiple countries and planted software known as remote access trojans, or RATs. These programs can sit undetected in a computer or a server, giving hackers a way into networks to steal or monitor private information.

Servers running Atlassian software were breached by a sophisticated hacking group.

Atlassian, valued at $80 billion, provides management and development software to companies across a number of industries, meaning the servers could hold a gamut of sensitive data for criminal outfits, said independent security researcher Troy Hunt.

“You could get access to any personal information people are sharing,” he said.

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