Monday, October 26, 2020

AROUND THE GREENS: Grateful that we could play golf in 2020


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And I think we were all just grateful to be golfing.

Remember, as the snow finally started to disappear in the spring, it was no sure-thing that we would be digging divots in 2020.

It turned out to be a record-setting season. Thank goodness.

No rakes? No problem. Unless you’re competing in your club championship or a tournament of some other sort, you never should have been trying to blast out of a footprint in a bunker anyway. This game is hard enough already.

No pulling the pin before a putt? I’m admittedly a guy who liked the flag-stick out of the way so it seemed like there was more target to aim at, but who really cares?

Not enough tee-times to meet the demand? OK, that one was a bit of a problem, although it was a nice nudge to check out a new course or book a rematch with one you hadn’t played in a while. (Why had it been so long since my last visit to Innisfail, anyway?!?)

Despite a fantastic fall, we’ve all known for a few weeks now that every round could be our last of the season.

A lot of Calgary-area layouts, even if there hadn’t been flurries Monday, were going to close after the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Some others will stay open until the snow starts to stick, so the diehards still have options. I keep a toque and mitts in my bag. You might see me out there.

And if winter arrives before I can sneak out for another?

Oh well. I’m just grateful we could play golf, period.

I’m thankful for the excuse to log off Zoom or Webex and walk the fairways with family and friends. Back when we couldn’t hug our loved ones, at least we could help them search for their wayward drives in the woods.

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