Sunday, January 17, 2021

Alfie Templeman Just Wants To Make You Smile


Our MTV PUSH UK & IRE 2021 vote is officially underway and Alfie Templeman is just happy to be here, but let us intro you…

Aiming to be genre-less, in our exclusive interview Alfie told us his current sound is “a mix of like, jazz, a little bit of metal now and then, a bit of rock” and that’s no surprise given how many instruments the talented 17-year-old can play…

“My dad, he’s always collected guitars but he’s left-handed and I’m right handed but I had to like learn them backwards in order to play them.

“I can play quite a lot of instruments. I started off with drums, then I went to bass guitar, just normal guitar, synthesizers, pianos, sitar, mandolin, anything that I could get my hands on.”

Watch our exclusive MTV PUSH UK & IRE 2021 spotlight interview with Alfie here:

On what success might look to him Alfie said: “Right from the get-go I always said that even if I could just make one person smile from a song – that’s is, it’s success, we’re done.

“You know you’re making a difference to people’s lives – that’s one thing that I don’t think you can really top that to be honest. It’s something that really resonated with me in a way. 

“Whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll just think ‘well, look at all the people you’ve helped feel better ‘cause of your music’ and stuff. I think that’s the one thing that I think about most out of anything.”

Right now we’re spotlighting him as one of ten acts we’re backing for big things and speaking about his PUSH nomination Alfie said: “It means a lot for me to be on the MTV PUSH shortlist 2021 because I’m basically, just essentially making music in my bedroom and for people like MTV to get my music out there further and support me is quite an overwhelming feeling.”

On the future, keeping it optimistic, Alfie added: “I think 2021’s gonna be a good year. There’s gonna be a lot of things going on, like I’m hopefully going on tour, making a bunch of new music as well, so I think it’s gonna be a really good one.

“My big goal, my dream is just to like somehow just keep doing this and like playing Wembley would be cool as well…”

Watch this space!

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