Sunday, April 11, 2021

AleXa Drops Piano Ballad ‘Never Let You Go’ –

AleXa Drops Piano Ballad 'Never Let You Go' -

Korean-American pop star AleXa makes her first comeback of 2021 with the dreamy new single “Never Let You Go.” Known for her up-tempo, electronic-pop based releases, the singer surprised fans by showing them a softer side through a ballad.

“Never Let You Go” is a slow, emotional and reflective track about lost love. The instrumentals are led by a soft piano and whimsical guitar, while the vocals remain the highlight. In the lyrics AleXa reminisces about good times with a past love and not appreciating it enough when she had it, “I will go to you/ As far as I know because we were always together/ And too young, I didn’t know just how precious you were/ If I meet you again, I will take your hand/ I will tell you ‘I’ll never let you go’.”

The pop singer expands her multiverse as ‘AleXa_H(eart)’, an A.I. exploring more human emotions as compared to her badass, fighter avatar seen in previous videos. “Never Let You Go” is the first release of the pop star’s new performance era, Project PARTS. “‘Never Let You Go’ is something completely new and I hope that it is received just as well as my prior songs were,” AleXa said in a statement about the upcoming project. “You’ll be seeing a brand new side of AleXa that you’ve never seen before, so hopefully the complexity of her character (as an A.I.) will be better understood.”

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