Friday, September 18, 2020

7 leg exercises every woman must do

7 leg exercises every woman must do

Truth be told, not everybody enjoys a leg day. Most people find it dreadful and look for excuses to skip it. However, just like your upper body and core, your legs also need some attention and love. Be it, men or women, strengthening your leg muscles is important for all.

Your legs help you keep moving all-day and working on these muscles can cut down the risk of injury, increase your range of motion and correct your posture.

Women particularly, need to pay extra attention to their legs as they generally have wider hips than men and there is a wide gap between the knees and joints of the hips. This puts a lot of pressure on their knees, making them more vulnerable to injuries. Performing leg exercises will strengthen the bones, flex the muscles and will help to provide more support to the body.

Fitness trainer Harshit shows us 7 best leg moves every woman must do to stay healthy.

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