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19 Truths That GDs And GKs Will 100% Understand, But WDs Just Won’t Get

19 Truths That GDs And GKs Will 100% Understand, But WDs Just Won't Get

The truest ride or die out there is a GK to her GD.


That you first got put into a GK or a GD position because you got your growth spurt before everyone else.


Thank god those genes were good for something at least.


But then you very quickly fell in love with the power of denying the GA a goal.


Intercepts, rebounds, a cheeky nudge…getting those was complete euphoria for 12-year-old me.


That there was always one person that you played defence with better than anyone else.

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They were always the GK when you played GD and if someone else stepped in then it was just weird.


And that you were so in-sync that you never had to talk about strategy — you’d just nudge each other in the right direction.


You might have gotten a pretty hefty push from your GK, but you also got an intercept.


Plus, years after playing netball, you know that the GK and GD friendship lives on!

No matter how far and how wide, our personalities were forged in the battle of netball carnivals and it cannot be broken.


That playing GD and standing at the transverse line, waiting for the centre pass was practically torture.

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There were so many possibilities of what could happen next and the adrenaline was next level. Especially if the score was tied and you needed to convert a centre pass.


That when your team’s attack was on fire, playing defence could be kind of boring.


Seriously, could someone just send the ball down real quick so I would have something to do.


That the best moment of your very young life was when the GA got called for “held ball” while shooting their shot, because your defence was on fire.


They thought you were going to fall in and break your three feet, but they were wrong.


And the worst moment of your life was being called for obstruction even though you were sooooo far away.

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It’s a fine line between tall enough to play defence and so tall you always get called for obstruction.


That you also got called up for contact every single second, even though you were the one walking off the court with bruises.

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They may say that netball is a non-contact sport, but let’s be real, everyone gets as good as they give. It’s just that everyone assumes that the GD is the one initiating it.


That you automatically knew you had an old GD or GK as an umpire when they called the GA for contact.


Hallelujah! Finally someone understands the struggle.


That as soon as you were pushed over, there were voices screaming at you to get up.

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You can’t leave the goal undefended, even if you’re bleeding from your knees.


That whenever you were frustrated at the rest of your team, you would scream ~encouraging~ words at them from your end of the court.


“It’s okay, it’s okay — bad luck!”

“Yeah, good try — you’ll get it next time.”



And that whenever the ball was down your end, you’d get it right back.


“Hands up girls!'”

“Turn and face, turn and face!”



That there will always be one team from rep-netball, whose GA and GS were the devil incarnate.

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It was made worse when you never actually won the game — you just tied.


And that when push came to shove, you actually could be a teensy bit aggressive.


As my mum used to say, “That ball is your ball and you can’t let anyone else try and steal it.” I might have been too young to understand the metaphor and ~perhaps~ took it quite literally.


That at times you thought you were psychic, because your reading of the ball was absolutely ~flawless~.


Plus it also led to some pretty spectacular intercepts. You know, the ones were you’re leaping through the air, the sun is behind you, the crowd is cheering and you juuuuust get a hand to the ball, tap it out of the way and then chase it down to pass off to your teammates? Yeah, those were the good ones.


That the best feeling of playing defence, was when your mum told you that you had “an absolute blinder of a game.”


Ya know, blinder? Because you were so spectacular you were practically blinding? Thanks for coming to all my games Mum — you’re the best.


And finally, that your now aching limbs and early-onset arthritis is probably due to the amount of netball you played in your teenage years.


But of course, you wouldn’t change it for the world.

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